Smooth communications

A manager, “The modification we asked to an offshore company the other day has not fixed yet.”

B leader, “I translated the specifications into English but the document seems to have been ignored.”

A manager, “But the previous modification has done as we asked.”

B leader, “That’s right. I prepared double amount of documents comparing to that for Japanese agent and finally they did.”

….. Have you experienced such a situation?  Your project involves a company overseas; your personnel work hard to communicate in meetings and to provide a bunch of document.  But the result let you down….. One of the causes may be poor mutual understanding.

Free translation software is widely available on the Web these days; many IT personnel use this kind of software.  Some personnel read or write documents, looking up every other word in dictionary.  They use such software to understand a document in English, for example, their understanding is not enough to conduct business; it is partly because software translation is unorganized word string, which requires decoding skill to comprehend.  In the same way, when a receiver does not understand a document in English, the request processing will be postponed; the sender may be upset, feeling my request is ignored.  Such miscommunication is fatal to project management. 

Our interpreters/translators have seen and heard those business problems while contributed smooth communication.


Learned in IT words

Technical words are a must to conduct IT business.  A person who understands the meaning of escalation knows well about IT world.  Non IT personnel, even if the person is a native English speaker, does not recognize the word as reporting an unsolved issue to upper level and asking solutions.  The understanding level of the original document affects the content of deliverable.  If the quality of information get some damages by middleperson, the receiver will understand only small part of the information.  In other words, interpreters/translators who can keep the quantity and quality of original information are indispensable to get receivers’ good comprehension.  

Our interpreters/translators have experienced IT business and are professionals to keep communication quality.