Technical English training

Training Overview

Our training is fundamental to nurturing communication capability when engineers deal with IT tools from abroad. Our lessons support bilingual staff members who are in great demand among IT & communications industries. Our class consists of role-playing in realistic operational scenarios, where participants can gain the following skills.

 target persons

  • Technical English learners as employee training
  • Persons who will apply a job opportunity with English
  • IT engineers or sales engineers who use English
  • IT products exporters, importers, or their technical supporters

(Public presentation training for engineers)

Training content

◆Reading ability to understand product manuals

Most IT equipment venders are from abroad, especially from the United States. The documents including the user guide, the design document, and system setup procedures are written in English.  This English is often opaque and filled with jargon, which even native speakers find difficult to decipher. Our curriculum is aimed at not only teaching basic terminology, grammar, and reading methods, but we also instruct how to understand the manuals quickly. Students will gain the capability to use manuals effectively. 

◆Writing capability to send inquiry mail

Questions and answers about products are usually conducted via mail in English; in such situations, time is at the highest priority when an incident occurs. The text of mail must convey the questions and requests with simple expressions to elicit answers. In our writing class, students will learn basics of mail writing and practice mailing in various situations - normal, abnormal, and emergency. Many vendors that communicate in English are not native speakers, so we teach communication in international English that is free of local or slang expressions which everyone can understand. With proofreading by experts, your writing will become understandable to foreign venders and you will gain the capability to write mail succinctly. 

◆Listening and speaking capabilities at meetings, negotiations, or presentations

In the real business world, engineers of overseas vendors visit Japan to promote new products, explain new features, or provide technical training in English. Japanese engineers also have opportunities to talk actively with those engineers in English at annual conferences, discussion meetings, or specifications briefing of additional functions. Our training provides role-playing in order to improve capabilities to respond in such situations. Another kind of situation is when a Japanese company is going to launch their product in foreign countries; sales representatives will display their products in an exhibition or visit overseas customers. In this case, staff members must have communication skills to explain the product, to answer questions, and to reach an agreement.

Our presentation curriculum will assist them to learn effective presentation.

◆Drills with Global Partners

We provide inquiry drills: mail a support desk outside of Japan and discuss the incident over the phone.  By speaking directly with our partners in the US, the UK, Australia, or Hong Kong, students can practice how to analyze an issue on the spot. By experiencing and participating in actual procedures and issues, the students gain confidence to escalate an issue in the production phase.

Educational material

Lesson notes are specially tailored to the learning environment and classroom; according to our customer needs, the curriculum is specific to the students.


<General area>

- Mail writing in English 101                           - Presentation 101

- Public speaking                                             - Negotiation methods

- Agreements 101 (LOI, MOI, Contract)           - Finance terminology 101

- Basic knowledge of logistics                         - Project Management


<Technical Area>

- Information technology (computer science)       - Telecommunications

- Protocols (TCP/IP)     - Software engineering     - Programming

- Physics                      - Mathematics                  - Electrical engineering

- Electronics               - Statistics

Training instructor

Our training instructors are business persons who have experienced global business, foreign language instructors, overseas partners, and security experts.

Peter Stroganoff

San francisco 


Jacob Howie